For as long as I remember I have been in love with photography. The idea of capturing a moment in time, when everything moves so fast has always appeared magical to me. 

I grew up surrounded by professional cycling, my older brother Nigel and my father Michael before him both raced professionally and I was immersed in this world from a young age so it was only natural for me to dream of being a professional myself. 

I moved to Belgium at the age of 17 and there I stayed for 5 years racing at an amateur level before returning to the UK to ride for domestic professional teams, but it became clear that racing at a high level was beyond me and retired at 24. 

Having grown up in my fathers cycling business it was again a natural step to follow this direction and started my own coffee import company which eventually evolved into opening and running a coffee shop in Chichester for 7 years. During this time my love for photography helped to try and provide social media content for my business and creating an image online that represented my goals and ideas for my company. 

It was incredible to me how images captured could shape the style and appearance of a business so powerfully. And this now is where a simple love for capturing moments has led me, to work with other businesses and individuals to create a visual story. 

Product and lifestyle photography is a powerful tool for showing the world how you see your business. And this is what I love to do. When I'm not taking photographs for other people you can find me walking with my wife Hannah and crazy labrador Frank in the West Sussex countryside, which I document on my personal Instagram page that you can browse here 

If you would like to work with me to create visual stories for your business please send me an email to find out more. 

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